Solar power for your home - clean and affordable!

Under Queensland legislation any homeowner or rental tenant can adequately supply up to a 5kW PV system to their own residence. Federal rebates still apply at present and are expected to continue until July 2014, although expected to drop after July 2012. Under current CEC consumer guidelines it has been stipulated that general cheap pricing for system should be considered, but also consumers should be aware that PV sales and installations is also a “Caveat emptor” (Let the buyer beware) market.

How much do solar panels cost?

The cost of solar panels has continued to change over the past decade behind different government incentive schemes and increased diversity in the panels, inverters and suppliers on the market. Being an informed consumer is increasingly important. Similar to buying a car or a computer, you’ll want to be sure that your system is a sound investment that best meets your needs at a reasonable price.

It is important to be clear on what you want from your solar PV system. Are you after a system that will partially offset your energy consumption for 5-10 years before requiring a system upgrade? Or do you want a system that will completely offset your household’s electricity use for the next 25 years? Like buying a second-hand car as opposed to a brand-new sports car, these two solar PV systems are both sound investments depending on your needs, but will vary significantly in price.

A well designed solar power system should pay for itself inside of five years. Through the highest quality German engineered panels and inverters, a system will not only pay for itself within the allotted timeframe – but it will continue to give a return on investment over the next five years; while still under manufacturer’s warranties.