Electrical Installation

What is involved with a complete PV Electrical installation?

Part A – Meter-board wiring

All meter boxes must be installed with a ‘failsafe’ switch, this is not a PV Solar requirement, it is a Ergon regulation. If one is already fitted, the addition of one is not required. Most homes built within the last 5-6 years should already have such a device.

A safety switch will also be installed for the PV system, otherwise if any future electrical work may be required by the client, even with the mains power turned off, the meter box would still be ‘live’.


Part B – Internal / External wiring

From the meter box the external cables run directly to the inverter/s. This cable is usually protected in a flexible/rigid conduit.

From the inverter, a Safety switch is installed, this is designed to break the circuit from the panels to the inverter, in the event of an emergency, where liveĀ  DC wires may be dangerous. The cables then run either through conduit on the exterior of the house, or in most cases, are installed through the roof cavity or ‘attic’.


Part C – Connection of new wiring to the PV Array on roof

The cable, either in conduit or internally through the roof cavity is then connected to the fully mounted PV Array on the roof of the dwelling. At this point the breaker/safety switch near the inverter is still off. Once the cables are connected at the array, the circuit is turned on through the breaker, and tested for any variances. Once the system is tested ‘safe’, the cable connected to the meter box is turned on through it’s safety switch, more reading are taken to ensure that the system’s results complies with local, state, and federal requirements.


Part D – Form Submission

In most cases the energy provider for the Central Queensland area is ERGON ELECTRICAL, and therefore a FORM A is submitted electronically by the installer. This form informs the Ergon Solar Support Team, that the system has been installed correctly and that the digital meter is now able to be fitted at Ergon’s earliest convenience. In most cases, Ergon will have the digital meter fitted in less than 8 weeks.




We currently use only one installer for all our installations. Given the current workloads in the electrical and domestic markets, we have chosen installers with qualified backgrounds and pride in their workmanship.



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