We are Millennium Solar Consultancy

We specialise in providing and supplying the highest quality panels and inverters available to Central Queensland at a reasonable price. Photovoltaic technology has been used to power homes for many years, and with good reason. Sufficient sunlight falls on Australia to provide the nation’s total energy needs. With a few solar modules the homeowner can capture some of this abundant energy.

When you install your own solar power system, you will produce clean energy from day one. You will protect the environment, preserve valuable resources and secure the future for yourself and your children.

Historically a niche product, solar power systems are being used to provide affordable, clean energy to homes and businesses across the country. The Australian Government rebates will only be paid to you if the systems are completed by accredited installers. With that in mind, it’s imperative that you ensure your chosen installer is listed on the Clean Energy Council Website.

Our panels are some of the finest quality panels in the European market – they’re responsible for the largest percentage of European solar power farms. Learn more about how our panels are amongst the most effective in the world.

Of course, bringing the leading solar power technology to our customers is only just part of the process. While the solar panel creates the DC power, this needs to be ‘inverted’ to AC. This is where a high quality inverter does the job.