Reduce your carbon footprint and your financial overheads

Commercial installations are on the rise in Central Queensland, with more businesses, looking at their electricity bills and rising costs, some are seeing the benefits that solar CAN and WILL eliminate their overall cost of electricity within 6-8years.

With the Queensland Government Solar Scheme in operations until the end of the financial year 2028. The need for solar grows even greater, as more industries expand and their production costs rise, more larger commercial businesses should be looking at the bigger picture for solar power creation. With a lifespan of 25 years, most businesses can reap the benefits, of a product that will give them FREE electricity for at least a DECADE.

If you are a commercial customer, please call our sales on 1300 MSC SOLAR                           ( 1300 672 76527 ) or to arrange a Free On-Site Consultation.

With our large existing territory of commercial installations, your most likely in our established territory. Call or Email us about not only setting up a Commercial Solar PV System but ask us about our service contracts, which we offer not only to existing clients but people with domestic or commercial system that they purchased elsewhere … we could extend the life span of your system by years, as well as increase the output performance, setup monitoring and hook up monitoring sensors ie: wind, weather, radiation.