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Nine Mile Solar Ground Mounted System

Nine Mile Solar Ground Mounted System


Our first system, installed on a customer’s shed/shade roof where the panels are to be the roofing material

single phase power circuit – Ergon approved

Northern facing –4.32kW: 18 x QPro G2 240w + SB4000TL

Daily Production – 21.6kW est – Full F.I.T. $3,400 / yr


Roofing frame constructed from 3mm & 5mm box steel

Posts installed 1000mm into ground (600mm CEC required)







REDSET ‘L’ brackets installed directly onto box frame

Rubber plate separating the aluminium bracket from the steel boxing




Inverter installation








SunnyBoy 4000TL

DC Safety Switch

Marine Ply Backing Board

Twin Array

Underside of installation








REDSET cable  tray

Replaces majority of cable ties



Finished Array